With news that Kim Jong Un is in a coma and his sister Kim Yo Jong is taking control, people are scratching their heads at the amount of times they heard Kim Jong Un has died this year. People reacted to Kim Jong Un possibly dying from a coma multiples times this year 2020 with a barrage of “here we go again” memes.

If you remember it was just a few months ago news outlets reported Kim Jong Un was dead. He showed up apparently alive and well not too long after. This is leaving everyone skeptical about the news of Kim Jong Un in a coma on his death bed.

According to reports the last time King Jong Un was reported dead, it actually turned out to be a scheme he created to find out who was disloyal among his ranks. If the news of Kim Jong Un in a coma is false again, you have to wonder what the hidden meaning might be for the news leaking.

Author: JordanThrilla