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Social Media DESTROYS Pandemic P Paul George After Clippers Lose Game 4 on Luka Doncic Hitting Game Winner in His Face

Social media destroyed Pandemic P Paul George after Clippers lost Game 4 on Luka Doncic hitting a game winner in his face. For the third straight game Paul George played TERRIBLY with 9 points on 3-14 fg and 1-7 3pt fg. The other day Paul George dissed James Harden, but today he became James Harden again.

Social media reacted to Luka Doncic hitting a game winner in Paul George’s face with jokes about how bad Pandemic P has played. Take a look at some of the funniest Paul George disses on social media after Clippers Game 4 loss to Mavericks.


Wouldn’t it be crazy if after adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to their roster, Clippers lose in the first round again anyway? To be fair Dallas Mavericks was the absolute worst first round matchup any team in the NBA could of got. Still there is no excuse for Pandemic P playing this bad.

Social media clowning Paul George after Clippers game 4 loss is warranted. It really looks like Kawhi Leonard made a huge mistake by leaving Toronto.

Paul George has to retire if Clippers lose this series in the first round.

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