When the Supreme court shot down Donald Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the election it led to Judge Judy going viral. People began to urge Donald Trump to take his Texas election lawsuit to Judge Judy. Donald Trump got 17 states to back his Election fraud claim, and it still was shut down by the Supreme Court.

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This makes some people feel that Judge Judy is Donald Trump’s last option to win his election fraud case against Joe Biden, in a jokingly sarcastic way.

It’s hard to rate what’s funnier between the reaction jokes and the thought of Judge Judy arguing with Donald Trump. It would make for must see Live TV just for the comedic factor alone.

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At the root of the Judge Judy joke is people telling Donald Trump to give up on trying to overturn the election. At this point it seems like he has exhausted every possible angle there was to no avail. If the election really was rigged it appears the powers that be are not going let him change it anyway.

Author: JordanThrilla

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