A poor young man is seen selling pictures he drew for 5$ on the streets of Detroit, Michigan in sad viral video. The $5 Pictures were abstract in style, similar to the works of Picasso. The young man is desperate for cash, and willing to risk his life on the dangerous streets of Detroit for it. The young man selling the pictures is both a good and bad sign.

On one hand, you have a smart talented young man, that is showing his natural business knowledge, along with his incredible drawing skills. He is creating a legal avenue for himself to make some extra cash for his family. Signs of being raised the right way, by his parents.

On other hand, you see the negative affects of living in the harsh area of Detroit. Known as one of the most dangerous cities on the planet earth, the Detroit housing market and job sector has plummeted. What was left over time, is a place where a lot of people are living below the bare minimum, while also having to deal with an abnormally high crime rate. Young Kids literally out in the dangerous streets just to try and make ends meet, because of a city that has failed them.

Author: JordanThrilla

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