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Kanye West literally RUNS away from fan who asks ‘When is Jesus is King’ is Dropping

Kanye West ran from a fan who asked “when is Jesus is king dropping”, and social media is in stitches.

In the footage Kanye West runs away from a fan at full speed, who just wanted to know when the “Jesus is King” album is coming out. He was going so fast, you could hear the powerful gust of wind following him.

Kanye West’s album drop antics have reached new levels of funny; but with that gust of wind is the built up hope of millions of Yeezus fans everywhere.

Kanye West fans have been through this before. Step 1, Kanye West announces album. Step 2, the day of the album release, the album is delayed. Step 3, the album never comes out. Step 4, about a year later Kanye West announces another new album, gets people hopes again, then pulls the same trickery.

Hopefully this will be the time, that Step 5 is reached and the album actually comes out, but don’t get your hopes out. Kanye is a musical genius, and he works at his own pace. When he does put out a new album there’s no doubt it will be another classic. Patience is the key.

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