When Lil Wayne became a Trump supporter on Twitter it left a lot of people in shock, but not for reason you would expect. Pusha T dissed Lil Wayne for endorsing Donald Trump by taking a jab at his infamous contract situation with Birdman.

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Earlier in the day Lil Wayne posted a picture of himself with Donald Trump claiming they had a long meeting. Lil Wayne said he discussed criminal reform and the platinum plan with Donald Trump. Lil Wayne believes Trump is going to help black people own businesses, and have wide spread financial success. However, Pusha T isn’t buying it.

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Pusha T dissed Lil Wayne supporting Trump by saying, “Wayne complaining about Biden Tax plan but had no issues when Birdman did to him for 30 years“, as you will see below.

The reality is Lil Wayne supporting Trump isn’t really surprising, and probably has nothing to do with Joe Biden. Lil Wayne has been outspoken about his right leaning political views for years now.

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In the past Lil Wayne has denounced Black Lives Matter and spoken about the white cop that saved his life. Lil Wayne also claims that racism doesn’t exist. His views are created by the fact that he claims black people jumped over his body when he shot himself, and only the white cop named “Uncle Bob” came to his rescue.

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Based on his track record Lil Wayne endorsing Donald Trump for president actually seemed inevitable. Lil Wayne seems to have strong belief that Donald Trump will help Black people if they vote for him, and he isn’t afraid of losing his fans by letting it be known.

Author: JordanThrilla

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