A racist 12 year old was arrested for racially taunting black soccer player Wilfried Zaha. The Crystal Palace superstar received racist messages from the 12 year old before his match against Aston Villa. Wilfried Zaha exposed the racist 12 year old by posting the racially charged messages online for the world to see. West Midlands Police sent out an alert saying the racist 12 year old from Solihull had been arrested for the remarks towards Wilfried Zaha.

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The message from the racist 12 year old to Wilfried Zaha included pictures of the Ku Klux Clan, and a threat saying “You better not score tomorrow you black ****, or I will come to your house dressed as ghost”. Keep in mind this was a 12 year old that was already taught to be extremely racist.

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The 12 year old is in serious trouble with the law, but you also to have question the parents to see how someone so young became so racist.

Author: JordanThrilla

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