The sister of Ahmed Aubrey’s killer posted pictures of his dead body on Snapchat and gave a crazy reason why. Reports say his 30 year old sister Lindsay McMichael posted unedited photos of Ahmaud Aubrey’s dead body on Snapchat because she is a fan of “true crime”. Her proof of being a “true crime” fan was that she listens to the podcast multiple times a week.

Details from an investigator paint a different picture with very disturbing origins. An investigator named S. Lee Merritt said Gregory McMichael’s sister sharing a photo of Ahmed Aubrey’s dead body on Snapchat follows a pattern of voyeurism in the family, according to a report from The Sun. The lawyer representing the victims family seems to insinuate the sister of the man who shot Ahmaud Arbery posted his dead body on Snapchat for entertainment purposes.

It can’t even being imagined the pain his family will feel when they find out the killer’s sister posted photos of Ahmed Aubrey’s dead body on Snapchat.

Author: JordanThrilla

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