SPACEGHOSTPURRP says Black Lives Don’t Matter and Black People are Weak in a Viral Rant Video. To support his argument SPACEGHOSTPURRP used examples like the Maury Show to explain how black people are weak in his opinion. Some people might find his comments very offensive.

The most interesting thing SPACEGHOSTPURRP says is that when he goes outside white people never bother him and he has skull tattooed on his face, this is sentiment you hear a lot from black people who are opposed to the BLM movement.

SPACEGHOSTPURRP believes black people just want to make babies, argue, and complain about the “white man”. He believes the Maury Show was created to highlight this sentiment. To him this makes him feel that black people as a whole are being weak.

SPACEGHOSTPURRP saying Black Lives Don’t Matter and black people are weak isn’t surprising. He is known for saying controversial borderline offensive things, and even allegedly is blacklisted from the music industry because of this.

Author: JordanThrilla