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APD Bodycam Footage from Camera 1 of the Rayshard Brooks Shooting at Wendy’s Drive Thru Leaks

APD Bodycam footage from Camera 1 of the Rayshard Brooks shooting at Wendy’s Drive Thru has leaked. It seems right before you hear the gunshots, Rayshard Brooks grabbed the cops taser after cops asked him to take a breathalyzer test.

Here’s how it all went down including the video…

The video starts with the Atlanta cops and Rayshard Brooks having a peaceful conversation, in which he revealed he was having some issues with his girlfriend. The police focused on asking him how much he had to drink, to which Rayshard Brooks calmly danced around the question. All in all, from watching the first portion of the video it seems crazy what happened next.

Rayshard Brooks agrees to take the breathalyzer test and the police officer goes back to his car to get the testing kit. This happens around the 28 minute mark of the video. Shortly after the bodycam loses focus you can hear the sound of a brief struggle, a taser going off, then gunshots from the police shooting Rayshard Brooks dead.

One key point is that some reports say the police officer shot Rayshard Brooks in the back while he was running away.

Was this a case of police brutality or were the police actions justified? The controversial politician Candice Owens has already released statements saying she feels it was justified after seeing the APD bodycam footage. However, the overwhelmingly majority of reactions seemed to be of people who think it isn’t justified since he was running away when he was shot.

One thing is definitely for sure, the APD bodycam footage of the shooting of Rashard Brooks is sad to watch. The turn of events was almost unreal.

Author: JordanThrilla

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