A video of Donald Trump struggling to walk down a ramp is going viral as people being to worry about his health. In the footage Donald Trump carefully creeps down a ramp either because his physical health is deteriorating, or he just is afraid of small ramps.

There’s always been the rumor that Donald Trump is afraid of stairs, so maybe the ramp gave him flashbacks. He did seem to walk fairly normal after getting to end of the ramp. At the same time it definitely looks like Donald Trump struggling to walk down the ramp could be sign of physical stress.

With the upcoming election things are only going to get more stressful. Perhaps Donald Trump should looking into sliding down the ramp next time.

Joe Biden has had his fair share of health issues too. When you combine that with Trump struggling to walk down ramps, could this end up being an election between the two unhealthiest candidates ever?

Author: JordanThrilla