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Stipe Miocic Blinds Daniel Cormier with Eye Poke Leaving his Eye Lazy from Torn Cornea in Interview

Stipe Miocic blinded Daniel Cormier with an eye poke leaving his eye lazy from a Torn Cornea. Some fans are calling for Stipe Miocic to be banned from UFC for the vicious eye poke on Daniel Cormier. The post fight interview showed the extent of the eye injury.

Daniel Cormier’s lazy eye from the injury went viral after the fight. Stipe Miocic’s finger literally went through his eye socket when you zoom in closely.

A torn cornea doesn’t always cause blindness unless the tear is very deep. Since Daniel Cormier is currently blind in that eye and it looks displaced, scientifically there is a chance that his vision may never return to normal. The good thing here is that he was rushed to hospital right after the interview above.

Hopefully it wasn’t Stipe Miocic blinding Daniel Cormier with the eye poke that led to him making the decision to retire. That’s a tough way to end your professional career.

Author: JordanThrilla

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