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Tee Grizzley Strangely Shaped Fat Body Goes Viral After Tee Grizzley Does the Nate Robinson Challenge Allegedly

Tee Grizzley’s strangely shaped fat body is going viral after he allegedly did the Nate Robinson Challenge. The new social media craze went viral after Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson in a boxing match.

Tee Grizzley was one many people on social media who posted photos of themselves pretending to be knocked out on the floor in the same position Nate Robinson was. However, most people were caught off guard by the alleged strange shape of Tee Grizzley’s fat body.

The jokes have been endless over the alleged Tee Grizzley’s Nate Robinson Challenge photo. Some people said he looked like a dead seal, while other people believe he looks like a dead beach whale. There were a few jokes saying it looked like his shorts are trying to eat his upper body. Some people said he looks like a flounder fillet.

However, judging from the photo it’s not even clear if that is really Tee Grizzley. There is nothing wrong with being fat and proud, if it isn’t causing you health issues.

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