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Trump Supporter Punches Guy in Face Because of YG: Trump Supporter Knocks Out Man Playing “F**k Donald Trump” Song by YG

The world of politics can be very dangerous, and a viral video showing Trump Supporter knocking out a man playing “F**k Donald Trump” song by YG is a good example why. The footage shows an angry Trump supporter punching a Joe Biden supporter in the face after he refused to stop playing the “F Donald Trump” song by YG.

The Trump supporter yelled “I’ll f*** you up” to the protester, before knocking him out. The video is sad to watch. Take a look at the Trump supporter punching the guy in his face.


Judging from the video it didn’t even seem like the Joe Biden supporter was playing the “F**k Donald Trump” song that loud. Not to mention that he likely had legal right to be playing the music in that area since they were protesting.

After the Trump Supporter punched the man for playing the “F Donald Trump” song, you could sense his friends knew he just put himself in a bad legal situation. The friends of the Trump Supporter tried to ease the situation down by telling the protesters to play the music across the street, but the damage had already done when the Trump Supporter threw the first punch. The incident is on camera so the protester could possibly press charges.

No one ever would of expected the “F*** Donald Trump” song by YG would lead to a Joe Biden supporter getting knocked out by a Trump supporter in this fashion. Joe Biden could use this situation to his advantage, because it paints Trump supporters in a bad light. It would help strengthen the “guilty by association” rhetoric that can be very powerful in politics.

Let’s hope the man makes a full recovery.

Author: JordanThrilla

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