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Someone Shot at DaBaby? Video Footage of Shooting at DaBaby Video Shoot On Set in Charlotte Goes Viral

There was a shootout at DaBaby’s video shoot on set in Charlotte today, and he may have gotten really lucky. Video footage of the shooting at DaBaby’s video shoot is going viral. It’s possible someone shot at DaBaby, but it’s not confirmed. This is the second time in the past few weeks a shooting has happened on set of a HipHop video, last time it was the YFN Lucci incident.

The DaBaby shooting video shows several racing cars driving by, before gunshots ring out sending everyone running for safety. There are no details stating whether DaBaby was the target of the shooting.

Take a look at the scary incident.


No reports say DaBaby shot, and there are no mentions of any other causalities. Hopefully it was just someone shooting bullets into the air.

With all the shootings that have happened this year in HipHop, news like this really puts you on edge. HipHop doesn’t need to lose anymore upcoming legends. The sound of bullets flying through the air with so many people around is just a chilling thing to hear.

Hopefully someone didn’t try to shoot DaBaby on set of his video. Story is still developing.

Author: JordanThrilla

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