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YFN Lucci Accidentally Fires Loaded Gun On Set of Video Shoot and Young Thug Reacts

YFN Lucci almost shot himself and is going viral. YFN Lucci accidentally fired a loaded gun on set of video shoot. The people on set of the video tell YNF Lucci the semiautomatic rifle is real, but he didn’t seem to believe them. When YFN Lucci pressed the trigger, a gunshot went off sending everybody running for safety.

You can hear YFN Lucci say “That’s why they told me don’t shoot it”. Take a look the video, and Young Thug’s reaction to YFN Lucci accidentally firing the loaded gun.

Young Thug reacted to the footage of YFN Lucci accidentally firing the gun on his video set saying, “Put that gun down son”. Based on the video it looks like YFN Lucci doesn’t hold guns too often.

Luckily no one was hurt, even shooting at the ground could of cause serious injuries from shrapnel. To YFN Lucci’s defense on a video set the guns are supposed to be fake 99% of the time.

Hopefully YFN Lucci doesn’t get in trouble with the law for firing a real gun on a video set, since it was an accident.

Author: JordanThrilla

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