Home Sports Valerie Loureda Twerk Dances After Knocking Out Tara Graff at Bellator

Valerie Loureda Twerk Dances After Knocking Out Tara Graff at Bellator

When Valerie Louerda knocked out Tara Graff no one expected what would come next. Valerie Loureda started twerk dancing around the ring after knocking out Tara Graff. First she started to salsa, before going into a full fledged twerk dance. A lot of people think Valerie Loureda is the most attractive MMA fighter competing right now, so naturally this moment went viral.

Check out the vicious KO and Valerie Loureda’s dance moves. It’s not clear what is better the KO or the perfect choreography. You can tell she practiced her dance moves just as much as her martial art skills.

Hopefully Tara Graff is ok, but right now we are only laughing at Valerie Loureda’s dance moves after the knock out. It was like a moment from a video game where you eliminate somebody and they have to watch you do a celebration dance.

The worst part about it is she yelled in Tara Graff’s face before she started dancing, just to make sure she was paying attention. She is probably going to be really mad when she watches the replay.

It looks like Valerie Loureda in on pace to become what people believed Ronday Rousey was.

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