Vanessa Bryant and her mom are now engaged in a nasty public family battle. Vanessa Bryant kicked her mom out the house and took her car after Kobe Bryant died, according to new allegation. Vanessa Bryant’s mom is planning to expose Vanessa Bryant in an upcoming interview.

Vanessa Bryant’s mom says the day after Kobe Bryant died, Vanessa told her “I need you to get out this house, and I want the car and want it now”. She is speaking Spanish during the interview.

The alleged words said before Vanessa Bryant kicked her mom out the house, are words most daughters could never imagine saying to their mom. The allegations are shocking to hear, especially since there has no news of drama between Vanessa Bryant and mother before these new allegations.

It seems Kobe Bryant was the pillar that was keeping his family together, and all hell is breaking lose in his household after his tragic death.

It’s sad to see what’s happening between Vanessa Bryant and her mother Sofia Laine after Kobe’s death.