Washington Redskins banned their racist logo and team name, and will use a new team name for the 2020 season. A powerful statement was released via Twitter explaining the process that went into Washington dropping the Redskins name and logo that was used for so long despite many complaints.

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The Redskins team name was one of the most blatantly racist logos still left in the sports world. It was highly offensive to Native Americans. For many years people wondered how the NFL and Washington were getting away with using such a racist logo without any repercussions. According to their statement, Dan Snyder and Coach Rivera are working hard on coming up with new name for Washington that will enhance the teams brand, and not offend anyone.

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Kudos to Washington banning their Redskin name and logo. Even Colin Kapernick would be proud of the NFL for this moment.

Author: JordanThrilla

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