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Weed Mike Tyson is Born: Mike Tyson was High on Marijuana Drugs During Boxing Match vs Roy Jones Jr

Mike Tyson was inspired by Toad Venom to fight Roy Jones Jr, and it appears marijuana inspired his incredible performance last night as well. During the post fight press conference it was revealed the Mike Tyson was high on drugs during his fight Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson smoked marijuana before his match with Roy Jones Jr, according to his own words. This might explain why Mike Tyson seemed to feel no pain or have fatigue issues during the fight despite being the older fighter.

Around the 5:00 mark of the video Mike Tyson talks about smoking weed before the Roy Jones Jr fight. He explains the reason is that he “can’t stop smoking weed“.

Mike Tyson was accused of cheating during the fight by delivering a late hit to Roy Jones Jr, but it may have been a delayed affect from the marijuana making Mike Tyson high.

Roy Jones Jr was gassed after the first round, while the literally gassed Mike Tyson didn’t even want to sit down at the end of the 1st round. The marijuana gave Mike Tyson a massive advantage over Roy Jones Jr it would seem.

After the fight Mike Tyson was ready for rematch, while Roy Jones Jr looked like he just wanted to go home. Based on the evidence when Mike Tyson smokes weed before a boxing match you have no chance of beating him.

Author: Jordanthrilla