White and Black People cancelled Dwyane Wade tweeting support for Nick Cannon then deleting his tweet. In the viral post Dwyane Wade calls Nick Cannon a “Leader”, but quickly deleted his tweet. Now people are accusing Dwyane Wade of promoting Anti-Semitism and teachings of Farrakhan despite having a gay son. This left people confused as to why Dwyane Wade would promote someone that doesn’t like his trans daughter.

The fact that Dwyane Wade deleted his tweet so fast makes you wonder if Dwyane Wade realized the same things people were calling him out for, or if he was trying to save himself from backlash. Whatever the reason was it looks like people are already taking his controversial tweet for a spin.

When Dwyane Wade tweeted support for Nick Cannon and called him leader, he probably didn’t think it would end up making him become a part of the situation. To make things worst both White and Black People are cancelling Dwyane Wade for supporting Nick Cannon, albeit for different reasons.

Author: JordanThrilla