Oh those beloved cats, they are like the ninjas of the animal pet world. They can be so creepy, but yet so amazing with their natural cunningness and agility. These beautiful creatures are so amazing that Cats leave behind 1 pawprint when they walk.


Why Cats Leave Behind 1 Paw-print When Walking or Running

Cats use a precise method when walking called “direct Registering”. When a Cat is “direct registering” it means their back paws fall in the same place as their front paws. This is meant to eliminate sounds when they walk, and of course leave behind confusing pawprints for predators. Essentially each Cat paw print is actually made up of two paws that fell in the same spot. How cool is that?

Take a look at this video showing a cat “Direct Registering” in all its glory.

When you look at a cat walking from a front angle, some people would say they walking style to that fake style of walk you see every model doing. It just goes to show that Cats are inherently stylistic in their approach to things. The next time your with you beloved feline pay attention to how your Cat leaves behind 1 pawprint for every two steps.

Author: JordanThrilla