Many men fear losing their hair. As men get older they see their hairline start to recede, which makes fear start to grow continuously. Everyone wants to keep that pristine hairline they had when they were younger. This includes Paul George who has one of the greatest hairlines in sports history.


A video clip from two NBA seasons ago is proof that Paul George is obsessed with his hairline. The footage reveals that Paul George checks his hairline during games. The evidence starts with Raymond Felton asking Paul George if he has a headache, because he kept touching his forehead area. To Raymond Felton’s surprise Paul George admits he was actually checking his hairline to make sure his “line is straight”. This insinuates that to Paul George his hairline was more important than the game itself.

The Hair loss industry makes billion of dollars per year. Men and women alike use endless products to try saving their hair, before resorting to hair transplant procedures. Even GOATs like Lebron James have fell under the pressure of losing their hair. Few are able to go bald with confidence like Michael Jordan. Hopefully Paul George’s obsession with his hairline wasn’t part of the reason he played so badly as Clippers lost a 3-1 lead this past season.