Camerie Crawford Woman Who Lil Durk’s Artist OTF DEDE was Forced to Eat Out While On Her Period on Video Has Reportedly Been Shot Dead in Chicago.

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17 Year Old Camerie Crawford the girl who OTF DEDE was forced to eat out on video, was shot and killed according to Chicago News reports.

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Her death comes shortly after that video was released.

The police report states that she was standing in an empty lot near 6700 block on South Parnell Avenue, then a silver car pulled up and opened fire on her.

Whether or not this is connected with the video is not known yet. It could possibly be just a huge coincidence. Gun violence is a huge problem in Chicago, and no one knows for sure who the 17 year old was involved with.

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RIP Camerie K. Crawford.

Video of the incident can be seen here.

Update: Lil Durk has responded to the people that released the OTF Dede video.

Update: OTF DThang has also responded to the OTF Dede video.

Author: JordanThrilla

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