Zion Williamson’s former agent Gina Ford wants him to admit he received illegal benefits to play at Duke.

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As part of her lawsuit Gina Ford claims Zion Williamson received money, gifts, and other benefits from Nike and Adidas. She wants Zion to say this in court officially.

Gina Ford says that Zion Williamson received gifts and money from Nike to attend Duke. She says Zion received money from Adidas to wear their shoes and attend a college that endorsed them.

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Although she is the former agent of Zion Williamson, making information like this public could be considered career suicide for her.

It would be hard for any athlete to work with and trust her after she exposed Zion like this. This leads some people to believe that Zion Williamson’s former agent is confident in her claim that he received illegal benefits from Nike and Adidas to play at Duke.

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If she is telling the truth, the question remains will Zion admit he received money and gifts?

Author: JordanThrilla

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