Bizzy Bone dissed Jay Z for signing Tekashi 6IX9INE to Roc Nation management in a viral video. During his rant, Bizzy Bone told people to imagine a Rocnation meeting where “real rappers” had to sit at the same table as Tekashi69. Bizzy Bone seems to be fed up with Jay Z for helping Tekashi69 become more popular, and pushing his agenda.

Bizzy Bone is the youngest member of the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, who were popular at time when rap artists had to be “authentic”. Many artists think this era of hip hop has left the value of authenticity behind. To Bizzy Bone the situation with Jay Z and Tekashi69 seems to be a culmination of those values being non existent in today’s era.

It’s no surprise that Bizzy Bone went in on Jay Z for signing Tekashi 6IX9INE to Roc Nation.