50 Cent Confirms That Pop Smoke Was Betrayed and Killed By His Own People.

50 Cent reaction to Pop Smoke death, was one that seems to confirm that Pop Smoke was betrayed, robbed, and killed by people he considered close friends.

In a not so cryptic Instagram post, 50 cent said “No Such thing as success with out jealously, treachery comes from those who are close, R.I.P”. 50 Cent who had close ties with Pop Smoke is clearly saying that Pop Smoke was killed by his own people.

A few hours before Pop Smoke was murdered, his location was “accidentally” posted on Instagram. Some people are wondering if that was really an accident, or just a coincidence.

Just a few days ago Pop Smoke got in a verbal altercation with his photographer over some “ugly” photos, fans thing it also strange that he was shot dead just a few days later.

When you take into account what 50 cent said, it really makes you start to wonder what is the real story behind Pop Smoke’s death. We may never really know though.

Currently police know that 6 masked men entered Pop Smoke’s home, however as of right now Police allegedly have no idea who those 6 men are.

RIP Pop Smoke.

Author: JordanThrilla