It’s been a a few days since 19 kids and 2 teachers were killed during a mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde Texas. The tragedy is one of the deadliest mass shootings in United States history. The mass shooter was an 18 year old named Salvador Ramos. Recently one of the few kids who survived the shooting spoke out, and revealed how Texas police made the situation worse.

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10 Year Old Uvalde Mass Shooting Witness Details how Texas Police Got His Classmate Killed by Salvador Ramos

A 9 year old who was inside the classroom where Salvador Ramos opened fire gave a recount of how he survived, and what he heard as his classmates were getting massacred. On the most chilling aspects of his story was his claim that Salvador Ramos said ‘time to die’ to the students before he started shooting them. The 9 year old survived by hiding under a table that was covered by a cloth. While he was hiding he was seeing bullet casings dropping on the floor of the shooter’s assault rifle.

The part of this story that has captured the most attention on social media is what Texas police allegedly did upon arriving at the classroom where Salvador Ramos was still shooting. The 10 year Uvalde mass shooting survivor claims that Texas police told the students to yell ‘help’ if they needed assistance. Following police instructions one girl in his class yelled ‘help’, which immediately made Salvador Ramos shoot her dead. Theoretically speaking she would have survived the shooting if the Texas police didn’t give them bad advice.

Salvador Ramos

The more stories that come about the Uvalde mass shooting the more it seems like Texas police in that area were never truly prepared for a situation like this. In addition to this child’s recount of the what happened, there are also reports that Texas police hesitated when engaging the Salvador Ramos, because they themselves were afraid of getting shot.

Prayers up for the families and students who survived this ordeal, and also the victims that perished.

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