Studio time is a treasure coveted by most rappers to make their thoughts come to life in the form of music, but for Tampa Bay rapper ACE NH studio time allegedly became murder time. Police arrested ACE NH for murdering two rappers at his studio near University of South Florida.

According to police reports after luring the two victims to his backyard studio, the Florida rapper ACE NH shot and killed them execution style. The victims were dead when police arrived.

While the motive of the alleged ACE NH murder has not been revealed, there are rumors it was gang related. ACE NH was a well known Crip gang member, who always repped his set on social media. ACE NH regularly posted pictures with his blue flag, and throwing up Crip Gang signs.

Some reports are saying the two victims were also Crip gang members, so it’s possible they may have betrayed ACE NH in some form or fashion before he planned to murder them.

2020 has been a crazy year for HipHop in terms of murders and shootings, so at this point the ACE NH murdering two people at his studio isn’t surprising to hear, but is still shocking. It’s alleged ACE NH shot and killed the two victims after they helped him record two songs.

For students at University of South Florida it has to scary knowing a murder took place right next to their campus. Pray for the family of the victims through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla