When most people were watching Raiders vs Chiefs, the last thing they were thinking about was the NBA. That all changed when Derek Carr starting yelling “James Harden, James Harden” like an angry army sergeant.

Derek Carr’s James Harden Audible instantly went viral. It sounded like someone was calling his name, because he got in trouble.

The biggest question was what would Derek Carr’s James Harden play look like? It’s actually a simple question to answer, but first take a look.

As expected it was a run play, which paid homage to James Harden constantly driving through the lane searching for fake fouls. The running back even made a slight euro step before getting tackled.

It truly looked James Harden had a football in his hands on that play. The only thing that was missing was the referees throwing a flag to call a foul.

James Harden has heard his name in movies and hiphop songs, but this might be the first time he heard it during an NFL Football game.

Derek Carr’s James Harden audible is more memorable than James Harden’s playoff performance against the Lakers and OKC this past season.

Author: JordanThrilla