AMC Facemasks Concessions Conspiracy Theory.

People are accusing AMC Theaters of not requiring facemasks because of concessions. AMC announced they will not force people to wear face masks at their theaters because they didn’t want to get drawn into political controversy, but conspiracy theorists believes concession sales is the real reason.

The AMC theaters facemasks concessions conspiracy theory is very simple. It’s based on the belief that concessions are hard to eat with a face mask on. If everyone has to wear a facemask it would probably drastically decrease concessions revenue for AMC.

Movie theater make a large portion of their profits from selling overpriced items at their concessions area. It really shouldn’t be any surprise if AMC isn’t requiring facemasks because of concession sales. From a business standpoint that would be the best decision to make if you want to offset profit loss. However, from an ethics standpoint some people would say it’s a terrible decision.

All in all, AMC movie theatres will probably be full even with the sheer amount of people speaking out against there decision.

Author: JordanThrilla