An Andre 3000 Flute spotting just happened. In a viral video, Andre 3000 was spotted playing the flute outside a gas station in hunting gear. Andre 3000 hasn’t been seen out public in long time, so people are astonished by the video.

Andre 3000 looks a bit older with newly grey hairs sprouting from his beard and hair, but he still looks the same. Andre 3000 was rocking a camo hunting shirt tucked in as he played the flute, an ode to his unique fashion sense.

Andre 3000 looks happy as ever, knowing that his place as a hip hop legend is solidified. Moments like these along with his music catalog are what make him a legend.

Can you name another rapper other Andre 300 being outside playing the flute randomly at a gas station in hunting gear? Only Andre 3000 can pull that off.

Author: JordanThrilla

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