Andrew Schulz got Me Too’d shortly after getting his new deal with Netflix. In a viral Instagram post Andrew Schulz Ex Girlfriend Sara Phillips accused him of abuse, harassment, and intentionally sickening her.

In the statement Sara Phillip revealed that Andrew Schulz sends her “disgusting messages”, tags her in posts, and harasses her family. She specifically mentioned this has been happening since they broke up 6 years ago. She then mentioned Andrew Schulz new Netflix series “Schulz Saves America”, and said she will not be watching it.

According to her stories Andrew Schulz abused Sara Phillips so bad that during a vacation in Aruba she locked herself in a bathroom to protect herself. She even says Andrew Schulz used her toothbrushes to clean the bottom of his shoes, which got her sick for weeks.

Is she trying to ruin his new contract? Take a look.

These allegations of Andrew Schulz abusing his ex girlfriend are damning. The things he allegedly did are unspeakably terrible. It’s good to know Sara Phillips is at least in a good space now mentally after going through the alleged abuse. Some people never recover from such situations.

It will be interesting to see what Netflix does with this information. Will they cancel his show?

Author: JordanThrilla

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