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Angry Woman Threatens to Kill Planters Baby Nut and Curses Him Out For No Reason

An angry woman threatened to kill Planters Baby Nut for no reason. It’s still not clear what made the woman curse out Planters Baby Nut like this. After Baby Nut posted a messaging saying “tomorrow will be a big day”, a woman threatened to crack Baby Nut in a curse word filled tirade.

Our theory is that the woman is possibly allergic to peanuts. Why else would someone have that much pent up anger against a baby peanut?

Planters created the Baby Nut character after the originally Mr. Peanut died in a Super Bowl commercial. His soul was resurrected by the magic powers of Kool-Aid man’s tears, and he came back at Baby Nut.

Planters seemed to be trying to create a much more friendly look to their products, but it appears Baby Nut still makes some people very angry. Hopefully Planters is providing him extra security, because that woman’s threat to crack Baby Nut when they cross paths seems very serious.

Author: JordanThrilla

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