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Bol Bol Dominating Lebron James and Lakers Goes Viral

Bol Bol dominating Lebron James and Lakers at Orlando Bubble is going viral. Bol Bol snatched a rebound away from Lebron James like he was a little kid. Bol Bol was a relative mystery until the Orlando Bubble, now he’s the talk of the town. On consecutive plays against the Lakers Bol Bol showed off his power, rebounding, handles, and Lebron like court vision. Bol Bol looked like a mix of Lebron James in Kevin Durant’s body.

Check out these incredible highlights.

The most amazing thing about those highlights was that full court pass Bol Bol made.

The velocity and accuracy was next level, yet he passed it with no effort at all. That takes a lot of power, especially the rebound he got over Lebron and Dwight Howard. No one was expecting Bol Bol to dominate Lebron James and the Lakers like this in a head to head matchup.

He looks just like his dad the late Manute Bol, but plays completely different from him. Bol Bol is going to be a major problem for defenders for years to come if he can stay healthy.

Author: JordanThrilla

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