LaMelo Ball Matrix Neo Spin Move on Raptors Leads to Wide Open Three Point Shot

LaMelo Ball is one the smoothest players in the league on offense, and today he showed off the newest move in his arsenal. LaMelo Ball’s Matrix Neo spin move on Raptors gave him space to drain a wide open three.

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Melo is efficient with his offensive moves, so all it took was a quick toe tap, and extreme balance as he went into slow motion on one foot seemingly freezing time. His player was completely lost, while LaMelo calmly drained the three.

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On the season LaMelo Ball is averaging 16 ppg, 6 rpg, and 6 apg. Perhaps the most impressive part about his offensive game is the fact that he is shooting 39% from three point land. His shooting was supposed to be one of his biggest weakness coming into the draft, but it ended up being one of his greatest strengths. Even Michael Jordan has already admitted he exceeded expectations (whatever those were).

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LaMelo Ball’s matrix spin move on Raptors is another impressive highlight from what should be a rookie of the year season for him. It’s almost a given he will be on the Allstar squad next year. He’s definitely lived up to Lavar Ball’s hype, no one can deny that now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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