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Anthony Davis Collides with Teammate THT in Mid Air: Anthony Davis Almost Knocks Out THT Talen Horton-Tucker While Celebrating Game Winning Shot

Sports celebrations rarely end in injury, but when Anthony Davis collided with THT Talen Horton-Tucker in mid air after his game winning shot against Nuggets in Game 2 it almost happened. Anthony Davis almost knocked out THT Talen Horton-Tucker while celebrating his game winning three point shot. As the Lakers team ran towards him, Anthony Davis knocked THT Talen Horton-Tucker out of mid air.

To make things worse Anthony Davis stepped over Talen Horton-Tucker after, and didn’t check if he was okay. That was likely due to the adrenaline pumping from the game winner.

Take a look the potentially scary moment, that went unnoticed after AD’s game winner.

Ironically the only Lakers player that checked on THT was Markieff Morris, the player many people consider to be the “meanest” on the team. It seemed like KCP saw what happened and stopped for minute to think about checking on him, but then decided to continue celebrating instead.

Just a few weeks ago he was still in the G League, now THT Talen Horton-Tucker is getting leveled by Anthony Davis during playoff game winners. You couldn’t write a better storyline than that.

Author: JordanThrilla

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