An Atlanta City councilman talked about meeting Lil Baby in a viral message on social media. The ATL councilman who goes by “antonioismuted” on Instagram, talked about how Lil Baby came to meet him with no jewelry, no entourage, a worn out shirt, and Balenciaga sneakers. He was trying to convey how down to earth and for the culture Lil Baby is despite his fame and young age.

One of the most powerful and emotional moments from the Atlanta councilman’s post about Lil Baby, was when he went into detail about their conversation during a march down Mitchell Street in Atlanta. He claims Lil Baby whispered in his ear “this is what matters!”.

After this moment the Atlanta politician said Lil Baby then ran over to a white business owner giving protesters water bottles, and gave him $500. Lil Baby is truly a man of the people.

Author: JordanThrilla