Recently sad news shocked the hip-hop world when Bogalusa police reported that rapper JayDaYoungan was shot and killed in Louisiana. According to reports JayDaYoungan’s father Kenyatta Scott Sr. was also shot during the incident, but survived. Police believe the motive of the shooting was retaliation, and now it’s possible the shooter is already experiencing consequences of murdering JayDaYoungan in the form of street justice.

Details About When and Where JayDaYoungan Was Shot and Killed

According to police reports around 6 pm on Wednesday they started getting calls of gunshots being fired on the 600 block of Superior Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene they found two people wounded, one of which was JayDaYoungan, and the other his father Kenyatta Scott Sr. JayDaYoungan’s father was transported to Our Lady of the Angels Hospital with non fatal injuries, and JayDaYoungan taken to OLA ER with critical injuries. He would later die of his injuries at the hospital. Below is the viral Facebook post from Bogalusa police department.

JayDaYoungan’s Sister Reacts to His Shooting Death

Perhaps on of the toughest things we came across while researching about JayDaYoungan’s death was a message left by his sibling. JayDaYoungan’s sister Kenya Janell broke down crying with a very emotional tribute to her brother on Instagram.

Rumor Someone Shot the Mother of Person Who Shot and Killed JayDaYoungan in Retaliation Goes Viral After Rumor of Shooting in Hospital Parking Lot Where JayDaYoungan Was Being Treated

Shortly after the news about JayDaYoungan’s death rumors started to swirl that the streets had already taken swift action in the form of revenge. A viral unconfirmed rumor alleges that someone shot the mother of the person suspected of shooting JayDaYoungan. It’s not clear if it’s connected, but this rumor started floating around after there was allegedly a shooting in the OLA ER hospital parking where JayDaYoungan was being treated.

As aforementioned Bogalusa police strongly believe that the motive behind the JayDaYoungan shooting was retaliation, but they are not sure where the beef with shooters started. Whatever the case maybe if the Hospital parking lot shooting rumor is true then someone really wanted to make sure he was dead. If rumor about someone shooting the mother of JayDaYoungan’s murderer is true then that situation could help police solve this case.

Prayers up for everyone affected by this tragedy.

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