Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace found a noose hanging in his garage stall today at Talladega Superspeedway. NASCAR is now investigating with the help of law enforcement to see if a crime was committed, and charges can be filed.

NASCAR released a public statement condemning the act, and let fans know they were very angry about the incident. They made it clear again that racism of any kind would not be tolerated at NASCAR events.

On June 11, NASCAR banned the confederate from all their future events. On April 20, Kyle Larson was caught saying the N word during a live stream, and was subsequently suspended. Some people believe someone put a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall as retaliation to the aforementioned events.

It’s clear NASCAR has a major racism problem going on that they need to really look into. When a noose is found in one of the few black NASCAR driver’s garage stall, that is a more than serious issue. Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again.

Author: JordanThrilla