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Black Teen Asks to be Tried As White Man in Florida Court Leaving Prosecutors in Shock

A black teen asked to tried as a white man in a Florida court room leaving prosecutors in disbelief. The 19 year old named Sean Jackson requested to tried a white teenager or white man before making any type plea for his gun charges in Miami. He stipulated that the judge would have to agree to his request before he would agree to plead guilty or not guilty.

It didn’t end there as Sean Jackson came prepared with research to back up his request. What happened next is something you would usually only see in crime movies.

Before Sean Jackson entered the court room that day, he researched similar cases to his and what the outcome was for black defendants vs white defendants. He pointed out to the court that all the white criminals where giving punishments such has house arrest or probation, while the black criminals where given lengthy jail sentences.

With those facts at hand the intelligent Sean Jackson requested to be tried a white man during court proceedings at the Florida court.

As of the right now the court is still deliberating on whether to grant his request, as they have never had one like it before. Sean Jackson still hasn’t pleaded guilty or not guilty.

If he beats this case, he might want to think about pursuing a career as a lawyer.

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