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FBG Duck was Shopping for His Son Birthday When He was Shot and Killed According to King Yella New Interview

FBG Duck was shopping for his son’s birthday when he was shot and killed on the Gold Coast of Chicago. The new revelation came in a new King Yella interview about the FBG Duck shooting. King Yella also claims he begged FBG Duck to leave Chicago in the weeks before his murder.

Take listen to King Yella revealing FBG Duck got shot while shopping for his son’s birthday.

It’s a cold world out there, and these new details about FBG Duck’s death let you know how cold it can be. FBG Duck was out being a great father when he was murdered. One day when his son is old enough it’s going be a traumatic experience to learn his dad FBG Duck died while shopping for his birthday.

Most people thought this situation couldn’t get any sadder, but now it’s even more heartbreaking.

Pray for FBG Duck’s family through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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