Chief Keef and Tadoe mocked FBG Duck’s death in a viral video. In the footage Chief Keef and Tadoe call a blunt they’re smoking “Duck”. In other words Chief Keef and Tadoe where clowning FBG Duck getting smoked. It got real disrespectful when they say they’re smoking “duck duck goose” to clown FBG Duck getting shot.

Fans where wondering how other Chicago rappers would react to FBG Duck’s murder, but they never expected Chief Keef and Tadoe to disrespect him like this. The video is tough to watch.

It’s a war out there in Chiraq an apparently there is still no love even in death. Imagine a family member seeing Chief Keef and Tadoe mocking FBG Duck’s death only a few hours after it happened. Stuff like this is why the war in Chiraq seems to never end.


Author: JordanThrilla