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Broke HipHop Bodybuilder Benzino Gets EVICTED and Goes CRAZY for Not Paying Rent in Viral Video

HipHop bodybuilder Benzino got evicted in a viral video for not paying rent. In the footage police are called on Benzino when he won’t peacefully leave his luxury apartment. It’s alleged that Benzino didn’t pay rent in months. You could hear the embarrassment burning up Benzino’s ego when he realized he was getting evicted from his home on camera.

It was tough watching a HipHop legend go out like this. Benzino truly went from rags to riches, and might be on his way back to rags.

Benzino tried his best to flip the situation in his favor by playing the victim card, but nothing was going to save him from being evicted on that day. The mental breakdown Benzino had in the back of the police car was sad to see. Hopefully it wasn’t roid rage.

Benzino has had it tough lately. Just a few months ago he got arrested for allegedly attacking his baby mama’s new boyfriend. Perhaps stress from Benzino not being able to pay rent led to that situation, a possible sign the eviction was coming next.

The video of Benzino getting evicted from his home might be how new HipHop fans remember him. That has to be embarrassing.

Pray for Benzino through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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