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What are the 6 Different Versions of Kanye West? Jadakiss’ Revelation Explored

Rapper Jadakiss has revealed that he has met 6 different versions of Kanye West throughout his life, and he only liked the first four of them. In a recent interview, Jadakiss shared his experiences of working with the controversial artist and producer, who recently changed his name to Ye.

Jadakiss first collaborated with West on the 2004 song “Why”, when he was still an aspiring producer in New York. In the past he described him as a humble, hungry, and talented guy who was eager to learn from the veterans. He said that he witnessed West’s evolution as an artist and a person over the years, and that he met 6 different versions of him along the way.

Jadakiss said that he liked the first four versions of West, but he started to lose touch with him after that. He said that the fifth and sixth versions of West were more distant and aloof, and they gave off a “mind your business” vibe. What were these different versions of Kanye West though?

The 6 Different Versions of Kanye West In Our Opinion

The first version may have been the humble quiet aspiring producer/rapper Kanye that was trying to get signed by Jay Z.

The second version was probably when he got signed to Roc-A-Fella, and started making beats for Jay-Z and everybody. He was still cool, but he had more confidence and swagger. He was on his way to becoming a star.

The third Kanye was probably when he dropped his first album, The College Dropout. He was a superstar by then, but he still had that hunger and passion for music. He was making classic songs and albums, and he was still down to earth, but starting to show signs of being egotistical.

The fourth Kanye was likely when he went through that tragedy with his mom passing away. He was hurt and angry, but he channeled that into his music. He made 808s & Heartbreak, which was a different sound for him, but it was still dope. He was still creative and innovative. However, his personality changed drastically, and he started dating the type of women he used to rap against in his lyrics.

The fifth Kanye was probably when he married Kim Kardashian, and became part of that whole Hollywood world. He was more into fashion and politics and religion. He was doing his own thing, but he wasn’t really making music like before. He was more secluded and secretive, and the overall quality of his music started to decline.

The sixth Kanye is the one we have now. He changed his name to Ye, he divorced Kim, he moved to Wyoming, he ran for president, he became a billionaire, and isn’t afraid to call out the alleged Illuminati.

He’s doing whatever he wants, but he doesn’t seem to care about anyone else’s opinion or feelings. He’s just living in his own bubble.

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