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Brave Black Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral After Her Husband Thought He Killed Her

Most people in life won’t get the chance to crash their own funeral, but a brave black woman crashed her her own funeral recently. Noela Rukundo a wife crashed her own funeral after her husband Balenga Kalala thought he killed her.

One the day of her funeral the wife walked up to her husband, which left him in a state of shock according to multiple reports. It was her husband getting scammed by a group of Hitmen, that ultimately saved her life.

Police reports state the husband Balenga Kalala hired a group of hitmen to kill his wife. When then hitmen caught his wife, they revealed they didn’t believe in killing women. They held his wife Noela Rukundo hostage for about 3 days, before deciding they would let her go. They agreed to tell her husband she was dead, so they could get paid anyway. The plan worked, and Balenga Kalala sent the payment thinking his wife was dead.

About week later the wife Noela Rukundo crashed her own funeral leaving her husband Balenga Kalala speechless. With evidence of her husband conspiring to murder her, she alerted the police and her husband was arrested.

Balenga Kalala was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime.

Author: JordanThrilla