Cannabis blocks coronavirus COVID-19 from infecting human cells, according to a new study. Canadian researchers from University of Lethbridge studied 400 cannabis strains. They narrowed them down to 12 strains of cannabis that block coronavirus preventing infection.

To conduct the experiment the researchers used 3-D tissue models of the human mouth, lungs, and intestines, according to reports. They used computer simulations to replicate the effects different cannabis strains would have on ACE2, an enzyme considered to be a major catalyst of COVID-19. A doctor named Dr. Igor Kovalchuk was lead researcher.

The preliminary results of experiment where incredible. Some of the cannabis strains reduced the coronavirus ACE2 receptors by over 70%. This drastically reduces how contagious the virus is, making it much harder to spread.

As of right now the study has not been peer reviewed, which means the findings still have to be considered inconclusive. Once the researchers are able to pinpoint the exact ratio of THC to CBD needed for cannabis to block COVID-19 ACE2 receptors, they will be one step closer to making their findings conclusive.

Author: JordanThrilla

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