Did you ever think you would hear news of Chargers Team Doctor stabbing Tyrod Taylor with a needle accidentally? That’s what happened when Chargers team doctor Punctured Quarterback Tyrod Taylor’s Lung with a needle, during a visit to get pain injections for a cracked rib gone wrong.

The incident took place shortly before the Chargers vs Chiefs game on Sunday September 20. Tyrod Taylor was experiencing severe pain in his upper side due to the cracked rib injury. The Chargers team doctor punctured Tyrod Taylor’s lung with a large needle, while trying to administer the pain injections drug that would of got him through the game. Instead he missed the game anyway.

Symptoms of a punctured lung include chest pain, abnormal breathing, tightness in the chest, fatigue, abnormal heart rate, and lack of ability to take deep breaths without pain.

Tyrod Taylor’s punctured lung would be considered a Traumatic pneumothorax, since it was a foreign object that cause the damage. If a lot of air has escaped into his chest cavity, Tyrod Taylor would possibly need a chest tube to alleviate the increased pressure, so his lungs can fully expand.

Tyrod Taylor is reportedly expected to miss Chargers next game vs Panthers, with no set timetable for his return.

It’s not often you hear of a team doctor taking out an NFL team’s star quarterback. Chargers Team Doctor stabbing Tyrod Taylor with a needle accidentally is quite possibly the strangest freak injury of all time in the NFL.

Author: JordanThrilla