When Chris Evans Nude photos and a Chris Evans $ex Tape leaked on Instagram a few days ago, it shut down the internet. Now Chris Evans is responding to his $extape and nude photos leaking in a way most people wouldn’t expect. Chris Evans $extape and nude photos might actually be the most powerful thing to happen in the upcoming election.

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Sounds crazy we know, but check out what Chris Evans said about his Instagram leak.

Chris Evans said “Now that I have your attention, VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”. He included a face palm emoji, which indicates this was his response to the Chris Evans $ex tape and nude pictures leaking.

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His response makes sense given that he is most known for being Captain America. Voting seems like something Captain America would tell people to do aftere an embarrassing situation.

At the moment the tweet has close to 1 million likes, so a lot of people are definitely hearing his message. This could definitely increase voter turnout on November 3rd, and all it took was Chris Evans nude photos and $extape to leak on IG.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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