Chris Evans is the latest celebrity to have a nude pictures of his groin and a $extape leak. Today the internet shutdown after Chris Evans nude picture leaked showing his groin. The leak also included an alleged Chris Evan’s $ex Tape. Another leaked picture showed Chris Evans caption a photo “Guard that P****”. Naturally people where shocked that Chris Evans D*** picture was the number one trending in America, not to mention the other things seen.

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Things started off with a series of weird post on Chris Evan’s Instagram, including one that had a “Guard that p****” caption. Things went from zero to 100 real quick when a picture of Chris Evan’s D*** showed showed up on his Instagram story.

Take a look.

A Chris Evans nude picture of his groin leaking is about as random as it gets. He is the last person you would think this would happen, since he plays Captain America. The fact a Chris Evans $extape possibly leaked as well, makes this even crazier. When you add in Chris Evans having a photo saying “Guard that P****”, it’s tough to imagine him playing the Captain America role again.

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The jokes that will come from this situation are endless. Pray for Chris Evans through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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